4 Services to Consider for Your Tire Disposal

by | Sep 22, 2023 | Used Tire Removal

When tires are no longer safe to drive on, it’s time to dispose of them, but it can be difficult to know where they should go. It is illegal to throw used tires in the garbage in many states because of their harmful effect on the environment. As a result, they can take up space on your property and house mosquitos and other unwanted pests. However, while tires may be hard to dispose of, it’s not impossible. Here are some of the methods you can use to properly dispose of your tires.

Your Tire Disposal Options

If you are looking for ways to dispose of your tires, we’re here to help. We have our top four options for properly disposing of used tires. You can weigh the costs and benefits of each method to determine what works best for you. Here are some options you should consider for your tire disposal.

Waste Tire Collectors

When you need to dispose of your tires, one of your first calls may be to a waste tire collector. Waste tire collectors are a removal service that specifies waste tire disposal. These collectors must be registered with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. For a fee, you can call them to take your used tires to an appropriate recycling center.

Tire Retailers

If you don’t have any available waste tire collectors near you, then a tire retailer might be able to help you dispose of your tires. At some tire retailers, they may dispose of your tires for a fee or as part of an exchange program. If you buy new tires through them, they might dispose of your old tires for you.

Auto Parts Store

Another option for your tire disposal is through an auto parts store. Some auto stores will dispose of your tires for a fee. If you think this is the best tire disposal method for you, call your local auto parts stores and see what services they have available for you.

Junk Removal service

One of the easiest and most efficient methods of tire disposal is to hire a junk removal service. A local junk removal service can come to you and take your tires to an appropriate recycling center so you can put your time towards other things that matter. Like a waste tire collection service, if your junk removal service offers tire disposal it must be registered through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. However, junk removal services are generally far more accessible than a waste tire collection service.

Where Not to Dispose of Your Tires

If none of the recommended methods of tire disposal work for you, there are still other options for you to explore. However, there are also ways to dispose of tires that are not just harmful to the environment but also illegal. When disposing of tires, you should avoid these methods.

Side of the Road

Tires left by the side of the road can become a hazard to other drivers and vehicles. If you experience a blowout while driving, be sure to take your old tire with you and pick up any pieces as well.

With Your Garbage and Recycling

While some counties may allow you to put your used tires out with your garbage or recycling, it’s best not to assume. Check with your county’s policies for trash services first.


Disposing of tires in the ocean, rivers, or other waterways is hazardous to the environment and marine life. It may take decades to begin to decompose and clog waterways as a result.

Burning Tires

Though it’s advised against, many try to dispose of their tires by burning them. Not only does this take a long time and release harmful chemicals into the air, but it also might not even get the job done.

Professional Tire Disposal

If you need help with your tire disposal, our professionals at ClearOut are the right team for the job. We are a licensed and registered junk removal service that serves the Tampa Bay area. We promise timely and professional service and communication. Contact us to get an estimate on our tire disposal service.

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