How to get rid of an old fridge (or any old appliance) in Clearwater

by | Aug 19, 2022 | Home Improvement

Fridges are necessary for every home, but eventually, your fridge will need to be replaced. When that comes around, it might feel like you have no idea how to get rid of it. If you’re blessed enough to have a strong back or you have a strong friend around who can move it for you, you might not have the necessary truck or other equipment to move it. Or the opposite could be true.

And then, once you get it in a truck, what happens next? Most people are unsure where to take an old appliance when it’s run its course, and that’s how you get abandoned fridges taking up space in your front yard or tumbling into ravines to be found hundreds of years later.

Appliance removal in Clearwater takes your old fridge, freezer, stove, or even hot tub and gets it out of your way. No muss and fuss, no worrying about hurting your back or being careful not to scratch your neighbor’s truck. Our professionals come to dispose of the offending appliance, taking care of everything for you. We’ll take it to the proper facility, ensuring it’s thrown away in the right place, out of sight and out of mind.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Fridge, Stove, Or Freezer?

Step One- Consider a Replacement

We already mentioned this, but a fridge is non-negotiable in every home. This is true for freezers and stoves, too (the jury’s still out on hot tubs, though), so before you get rid of the old one, try to get a new one on the line. Then, once you’ve bought it and arranged for delivery, that’s the date you can set for junk removal services in Clearwater to come to remove the old appliance.

Step Two- Clean It Out

Once crunch time comes, you’ll need to clean out your appliance. For a stove, this is as simple as pulling pans out of the bottom tray and ensuring nothing you want to keep is left inside. For a fridge or freezer, take all the food out and put it somewhere it will keep while the refrigerator is being exchanged for the new appliance. If you have a spare fridge or cold space, this might be a good time to use it.

If the new fridge or freezer is coming before the old one is out of the way and you want to leave the appliance unplugged for a while, remember that freezers will thaw. Ice accumulated inside will melt and leak out of every available nook and cranny on your fridge and can damage your floors. This goes for fridges with an attached ice maker. Clear the ice out of your ice maker to save yourself a big puddle.

Step Three- Call The Professionals

Don’t worry about finding the dump, purchasing a dump pass, or picking up a six-pack to pay your friends for their time and muscles. Clear Out Junk Removal services in Clearwater will take your appliances off your hands, disposing of them safely and responsibly. Contact us at Clear Out Junk Removal here for more information on exactly how we can clear a little space in your home.

Not Your Average Dump

We don’t just get it – we’re prepared for it, and we’re here for you. Our team of guys is all about teamwork, trustworthiness, and terrific service. We’re committed to excellence along every step of the junk removal process, and we leverage our expertise into a seamless, easy experience for you.

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