If You’re Redoing Your Floors, You Need to Figure Out Carpet Disposal

by | Jan 21, 2022 | Home Improvement

Upgrading your floors? How exciting! A flooring renovation isn’t just one of the most effective ways to make your home feel like new; it’s also one of the most extensive upgrades you can make. After all, you can paint around furniture or shower at the gym during a bathroom renovation. You can’t really levitate over your floors (or get your furniture to, either). Our point is that flooring upgrades are usually more time- and energy-consuming than first-time upgraders might expect. If you’re overseeing a flooring upgrade (or doing one yourself), the best thing we can tell you is to pick your projects in the same way you’d pick your battles: outsource what you can and over-budget for time across the board. Throughout the process, one of the easiest things you can outsource is the removal of old flooring. Today, we’re going over why you absolutely should.

The Carpet Removal Process

We’ll be honest: tearing the carpet off is the easy part. You can usually pull it out from the corners of each room using pliers. If that doesn’t work, a utility knife should get the job done by cutting it into strips. Once the carpet is dislodged, whether it’s by plier or by knife, you can pull it off by hand. Of course, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to remove a carpet on your own, we recommend going with a professional–especially if you’re trying to uncover flooring that you don’t want to damage.

What Happens Once It’s Out

Once the carpet is out, the next step is to dispose of it, and this is where things get a little trickier. Of course, the amount of carpet you’ll be contending with depends on how large your home is, how much carpet you’ve got installed throughout it, and how much you’ll be tearing out. With that said, always overestimate the amount of time, equipment, and manpower you’ll need to handle and transport your carpet.

We highly recommend going with a professional carpet disposal service (and we’ll explain why shortly), but if you’re intent on doing it yourself, you’ll need a few things:


Safety equipment

…including heavy-duty gloves and construction masks (trust us: you don’t want to breathe in those carpets up close).

A pickup truck or moving truck

…that can be used to transport the carpet to an appropriate disposal site (depending on the size of your truck, be prepared to take multiple trips.

A landfill or disposal site

…that takes old carpet. You’ll have to call around to make sure that you’ve got the right place, and you’ll have to plan carefully to make sure that you’re working during their hours of operation.

A group of friends

…who are willing to help. Lugging around an entire house’s worth of carpet alone may be doable for some people, but it’s time-consuming, exhausting, and hazardous.

Why You Should Go with a Pro

Instead of taking all of the steps and precautions outlined above, you can always opt to go with a professional carpet disposal company. This is what we highly recommend that you do (and not just because we are a carpet disposal company).

By working with pros, you’ll save yourself a ton of time, resources, energy, and–depending on how much equipment you have to buy and time off you have to take to get a DIY project done–money. You won’t have to purchase a bunch of items you’ll only use once, rent a moving truck, borrow a pickup truck, or orchestrate your schedule. You don’t have to contact landfills and carefully plan the removal process around when they’ll be open. Instead, you’ll be able to contact a reliable service provider and trust them to take care of everything while you focus on the more exciting part: getting your new floors installed and making your home feel like new.

Finding the Team for the Job

How can you make sure you’ve found the right carpet disposal team for the job? We like to narrow it down to two main criteria: safety and professionalism.


Protect your peace of mind by going with a team whose members are extensively background-checked. Make sure the company you choose is committed to upholding the latest health and safety standards outlined by the CDC in the face of COVID-19.


Go with a team who offers price transparency, quick response times, and reasonable scheduling. Look to customer reviews to make sure you’ve chosen a team who lives up to their promises.
All in all, you should be working with a company that’s committed to going above and beyond for every customer during every job.
Carpet disposal is easy to underestimate, but it can be a difficult and time-consuming process if you choose to do it on your own. Instead, we recommend working with a team of pros you can count on to get it done quickly and for a reasonable price. To get a free quote on your carpet disposal with Clear Out Junk Removal, all you have to do is click here.

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