If There Are Holes in Your Chain Link Fence, It’s Time for Removal. Here’s How You Can Do It Efficiently.

by | Jul 30, 2021 | Home Improvement

If you’ve noticed that there are holes in your chain link fence, the best thing you can do is plan to get a new one. Whether you replace it with a new chain link fence or decided to try out a different material, like wood or vinyl, having a fully intact fence is crucial for keeping your home safe and secure. The average chain link fence has a pretty great lifespan of about 20 years, but holes aren’t the only signs that it’s time for removal. Today, we’re going over some of the surefire signs that it’s time for a new chain link fence, as well as what the safest and most efficient way to get rid of your fence will be. Let’s get started.

Signs Your Chain Link Fence Should Go

Chain link fences are pretty long-lasting investments, with an average lifespan of about two decades. That said, if your fence has been around for a while, it’s probably withstood a solid amount of wear and tear. If you don’t notice any major holes in your chain link fence but are wondering whether it’s still up to the job, the best thing you can do is inspect it for some of the big signs it’s past its prime. These include:

Drooping or Sagging

If sections of your chain link fence are sagging or drooping, therefore making the entire height of the fence uneven, then the structural integrity of the fence has been undermined. This is natural after decades of leaning, high winds, and objects striking the fence, but it should be addressed quickly. If the fence is left to sag, chances are that it is likely to collapse, which will cause significant damage to your soil and leave your home without the safety barrier of a fence.

Trouble Closing Your Gate

The whole point of having a fence around your property is to keep it secure, and a gate that doesn’t close makes it very difficult to accomplish that goal. If your gate has warped or worn down to the point where it doesn’t stay closed, it’s time for a fence upgrade.

Large Holes

A holey chain link fence isn’t just a safety issue; it can be a big inconvenience. In addition to letting unwelcome critters into your yard, it’s also a sign of structural damage that, like sagging, can eventually lead to collapse and yard damage. All in all, large holes are a sign that a fence replacement should be eminent.

Your Replacement Options

Many homeowners look into do-it-yourself fence removal. We won’t say that it’s impossible, but it is important to give you fair notice that, if you aren’t experienced with fence removal, doing it yourself can potentially be costly and risky. This is because fences have to be inserted pretty deeply into your property’s soil in order to stay intact through Florida’s storms and winds. This means that, when done incorrectly, fence removal can cause some serious damage to your soil, not to mention make it much more difficult to install a new fence sturdily and safely.

Our biggest recommendation, especially if you aren’t experienced with fence replacements, is to hire a trusted professional to get the job done. By hiring a licensed and certified fence remover, you’ll get the peace of mind that your property is being taken care of as quickly and safely as possible, and that getting a new fence installed will be easy and efficient. Professional fence removal is definitely the most efficient course of action, and it can potentially save you a lot of money in property repairs and fencing installation down the line.

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