Unexpected Obstacles in Your Home Renovation You Should Prepare For

by | Nov 20, 2020 | Home Improvement

A home renovation can be one of the most exciting parts of home ownership. It can also be one of the most complex – especially if it’s a big one that includes taking down walls, pulling out flooring, or otherwise changing your home’s structure. When you oversee a major renovation, it’s important to be optimistic: after all, this is an awesome opportunity to make your home feel like new again. That said, it’s crucial to be realistic about some of the potential hurdles you may face; that’s the only way you’ll be able to take special precautions in order to avoid them. Today, we’re going over some of the commonly faced obstacles in your home renovation in the hopes that it’ll help you to start the process feeling as well-prepared and organized as possible.


Time is the most valuable resource you have during a home renovation, especially if there’s a specific date by which you need to have things done. If this is your first major renovation, be especially wary of time. So many homeowners estimate that a month-long project can get done in two weeks, which can lead to a lot of disappointment. On top of that, if you’re taking on a really big renovation that includes gutting a room or building an addition, be realistic about how many daily hours you’ll need to have a team working on your house.

Avoid Time Issues By

Communicate clearly – and often – with any contractors working on your home renovation. From the very beginning, make sure they know if your projects absolutely need to be done by a certain date. If there are specific days of the week when you cannot have construction done on your house, make that clear from the very beginning, along with how many daily hours your home is available to be worked on. Get a time estimate from your contractor and check in with them periodically (about once a week) to make sure you’re still on track.

Work Scope

This is especially true for renovation DIY-ers: it’s probably more work than you think. This isn’t meant to dissuade you from doing the work on your home yourself. That said, we do encourage you to consult with a professional – or, at the very least, a friend or family member who has experience in similar renovation projects – to get a good understanding of exactly what goes into doing your particular home renovation. If you’re planning on doing this project yourself, make sure your work and social schedules allow for multiple hours to be spent on it weekly (or even daily). If your project includes handling power tools or doing construction, try looking into efficient safety courses.

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Map out your renovation plan step by step, always giving yourself more time to complete something than you think you need.


Homeowners almost always underestimate how much junk piles up during a home renovation (and how quickly it happens). Do not forget to take junk into account when planning out your home renovation. When it comes to projects like this, junk is much more than an inconvenience; it can be a serious safety hazard, and it can really impede your ability to get things done. Don’t go into your home renovation – whether you’re working with a contractor or doing it yourself – without an effective junk removal plan.

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The best way to avoid any junk-related obstacles in your home renovation is to call a professional junk removal company. Professionals can clear out all your renovation junk without getting in your way or slowing down your process. Working with a pro is the best way to set the stage for a safe, junk-free home renovation.
Preparation is key to making sure that your home renovation goes smoothly. If you’re interested in setting up professional junk removal services for your home renovation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote.

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