The Hidden Hazards of Junk: Why Cleaning Out Your Home is About Safety as Well as Peace of Mind

by | Jun 15, 2020 | Home Improvement

It can seem like every “why you should clean out your home” blog hits the same general points: it’ll help your peace of mind, it’s the hygienic thing to do, and it’ll even help you keep track of items that can easily get lost in the fray. Of course, those are all excellent and valid points. That said, one especially important reason for deep cleaning and decluttering doesn’t seem to get enough hype – and we’re here to fix that. One of the biggest reasons why deep cleaning is so important is that cleaning out your home is about safety as well as convenience. Thorough cleanings every year help to prevent several very real hazards associated with hidden junk. We’re diving into some of those hazards, and why cleaning gets rid of them, below. Let’s get started.

It Prevents Mold Growth

Mold is something of which Florida homeowners should be especially wary because it tends to thrive in warm, dark, damp environments. Ironically (and unfortunately), the areas that are most often used for storage – sheds, attics, and garages – are usually also the darkest, most humid parts of our homes. Allowing junk to accumulate in these storage spaces, and leaving it untouched for large amounts of time, creates an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. In order to prevent this, it’s important to keep the junk your store in these spaces to a minimum, as well as to make sure that it doesn’t go untouched for long periods of time.

This is why we strongly advise keeping only items that you use regularly throughout the year (or consistently at a given time of the year, like holiday decorations). Keeping your stored junk to a minimum and maintaining it in regular circulation are great ways to prevent mold growth in those dark, moist spaces.

It Gives Pests Less Places to Hide

Like mold, bugs and pests love to nestle in dark, warm environments that go undisturbed for long periods of time. No one wants to have to deal with an ant or roach infestation, and one of the easiest ways to prevent this is to make sure that your home clean, clutter-free, and full of well-lit, open spaces. If there’s a particular corner (or room) of your home – especially those dark storage spaces we talked about – that’s full of untouched junk, there’s no time like the present to sort through it and make sure that no pests have claimed the territory as their own.

It Means Fewer Things to Drop or Trip Over

This is perhaps the most obvious one, but it’s worth mentioning all the same: less junk means less falling hazards. It means that grabbing the bikes and skates when summer starts doesn’t result in an injury from a falling box of junk; it means not tripping over boxes or being caught in an avalanche of falling stuff in the garage. Of course, it also means being able to find the tools, first-aid kits, and other essentials you need as fast as possible, especially when you need them urgently.

It Keeps Your Stuff Safe

The safety that results from decluttering goes both ways: it keeps your stuff in better shape, too. It helps to make sure that iron and metal items don’t get rusty from being unused, or that precious china or silver don’t get chipped or worn down. It helps to ensure that items don’t break under the weight of a pile of stuff and that any damaged items get noticed right away (instead of accumulating dust and taking up space). It’s surprising how much broken or damaged stuff can take up space in your home without your realizing it. Go through all of those old Christmas lights, appliances, and delicate items in storage. Dispose of anything that’s no longer working.

A good-thorough deep clean does wonders for your home, though it can be difficult to muster up the willpower and find the time to do it. That said, it’s important: cleaning out your home is about safety as well as peace of mind, and all it takes is one good deep clean a year to help keep your home, your stuff, and your family risk-free. Once you’re done with your declutter, don’t hesitate to call a junk removal you can trust to dispose of your stuff efficiently and safely. To get a free quote on your junk removal service, click here.

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