7 Questions to Help Determine Whether Your Home is Overdue for Spring Cleaning (No Matter the Season)

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Home Improvement

Spring has sprung and summer is well on its way, which can feel like an opportunity for “spring cleaning” lost for those of us who haven’t gotten started yet. In reality, the opportunity to refresh and declutter your home transcends the season – a cleaner, brighter, and more spacious home is something you can enjoy (and work toward) year-round. That said, should you stick to small tidying projects or commit to a massive cleaning overhaul? It depends, of course, on what works best for your home: just how much TLC does it need? We’re here to help you answer that by sharing our top 7 questions that’ll help you determine whether your home is overdue for spring cleaning, no matter the season. Let’s get started.

Do You Lose Things in Your Home on a Regular Basis?

Here’s the thing: it’s completely normal to misplace things. If this is a recurring issue, though, it might be worthwhile to ask whether the problem is more than just absentmindedness. A clean home gives you a great vantage point, making it likelier that you’ll find missing things without much trouble. If items in your home seem to get swallowed up by their surroundings, never to resurface again, it’s time to consider decluttering.

If There a Weird Smell Coming From the Garage/Attic/Shed?

If the answer is yes, then there’s no question: it’s time to clean out whatever place a suspicious scent is coming from. As the months get warmer, unairconditioned spaces in your home become breeding grounds for mold and mildew growth: they’re humid, hot, and dark. The longer the stored items in there go untouched, the more opportunities arise for mold growth. A weird, moist scent can be a telltale sign that that’s going on. To prevent your clutter from becoming something more serious, we highly recommend some spring cleaning.

You Don’t Have Room in Your Cabinets for New Products

It’s safe to say that most of us have experienced this: you purchase a new product for your bathroom or kitchen, only to be hard-pressed to find a place to actually put it. If your cabinets have become stuffed with products, there’s a major chance you’re not using them all – and an even bigger chance that some of those items taking up space are expired. Go through your cabinets and throw out any items that have expired, or that you never use and are days away from expiring. You’d be amazed at how much space this could free up.

You Have More than One Junk Drawer (Even If It Isn’t Meant to Be One…)

We won’t deny it: having a junk drawer is completely normal. After all, where else are you supposed to put all of those random items throughout your home? That said, if the junk spills over beyond the boundaries of one drawer and you find it accumulating in several, it’s time to face the music: some thorough cleaning is necessary. Organize your drawers by category, getting rid of all the stuff you don’t use (and that you didn’t even know was there). Give yourself one token junk drawer – but cap it off at one, or else things can easily get out of hand.

You’re Seeing Bugs, of Any Kind, More Than Once

Yes, rogue spiders happen (unfortunately). Lines of ants or repeated sightings of roaches, on the other hand, are signs that something bigger is going on. If you’ve seen recurring pests in your home, one of the most effective measures you can take against them is to clean thoroughly. Make sure there’s no spilled food or dark, dusty corner for them to seek out. If the problem persists, it’s time to call in a professional. That said, it’s very likely that a thorough cleaning will help significantly.

You Can’t Remember the Last Time You Cleaned Your Home’s Secretly Germiest Features

Here’s the biggest irony: things like countertops, mirrors, and decorations get dusted and sanitized semi-regularly in most homes, though they’re hardly ever touched. At the same time, the most-touched features of a home (doorknobs, remote controls, and light switches, to name a few) can go months – or even years – without being so much as wiped down. It’s OK if you find that this applies to your home, too; most people don’t think to clean these surfaces. That said, if you can’t remember the last time you did, it’s worth it to get started and to work it into your regular cleaning routine.

Nothing is Gleaming

We spend a lot of time at home (this year more than maybe ever), so it’s natural that we may not notice our surfaces and appliances gradually changing. That’s why we’re encouraging you to take an intentional look around: how many things are actually gleaming with cleanliness? Reality is full of fingerprints, spills, and scuff marks – no one said that your home has to be sparkling clean all the time. However, one great cleaning session a year is an excellent way to bring that gleam back – and to encourage your housemates to be more mindful about leaving behind spills and scuff marks. If you notice that surfaces around your home appear a bit dull, consider breaking out the cleaning supplies.

Spring cleaning can be intimidating, but it can do wonders for the appearance, organization, and general sense of space of your home. We’re here to help make the process even easier with professional junk removal services.

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