Cleaning Out Your Closets (Yes, All of Them): a Guide

by | May 22, 2020 | Home Improvement

Whether you’re motivated by a move or are simply in the need of more storage space, cleaning out your closets can feel like a massive endeavor. It means going through years’ worth of stuff and making sometimes-tough decisions about what’s gonna stay and what’s gonna go. That said, closet cleanouts are an amazing way to get rid of excess stuff, free up your space, and minimize clutter. It’s big project, sure – but it also makes a huge difference. This is especially true when you’re methodical in your approach and organized from beginning to end. The best way to approach a closet cleanout can depend on what materials are stored there, so we’re giving you a step by step (or, rather, closet-by-closet) guide to making the most of cleaning out your closets. Let’s dive in.

Clothing Closets

Let’s start with the most intimidating: the clothing closets. This one isn’t scary because of the size or weight of the items; it’s scary because it means potentially having to part with well-worn, well-loved pieces of clothing that just don’t have a place in your life anymore. When it comes to clothing – especially the pieces you know you should part with but don’t want to – it’s a great idea to sort items into three categories: keep, donate, sell. Knowing that your items will have a “second life” of sorts, with a chance to be purchased and worn by someone who’ll really enjoy them, will help you to part with them. Throw away items that are stained, torn, or completely worn down should go. Broken shoes, jewelry, and accessories should also be delegated to the “toss” section.

Linen Closets

Moving is an especially good time to do a linens overhaul. Stained or worn down sheets, towels, and pillowcases should be disposed of immediately, while ill-fitting or mismatched ones should be donated. Linen closets are one of the most versatile spaces in your home, and they offer precious storage: make the most of yours by only keeping linens you love and use often. If you keep any space personal hygiene items or beauty products in your linen closet, check their expiration dates: anything that’s expired has a place in the “toss” bin, no exceptions.

Utility Closets

There’s no time like a move to get rid of a lot of your cleaning supplies. Things like used brooms, mops/Swiffers, sponges, gloves, buckets, and rags will likely have hordes of bacteria accumulated on them. It’s better to toss them and replace them with new ones before moving into your new home. In fact, even an annual closet cleaning presents a good time to get rid of old cleaning tools. Doing this on at least an annual basis helps to ensure that your entire home – and not just your closet – remains clean.

The Pantry

We can’t forget the food storage spaces! Though most of the items in your pantry probably cycle in and out naturally, it’s important to make sure you’re not wasting space with any expired items. Check all of those boxes, bags, and cans to make sure the food in them is still good. If certain food items aren’t expired but also don’t have a place in your moving truck, consider donating them. If they are expired, into the “toss” bin they go.

Cleaning out your closets can feel like a dreaded part of moving (or spring cleaning), but it’s actually a fantastic opportunity to organize your (present or future) home, free up storage space, and make room for new items that you’ll love. Of course, once you’re done with your closet clearouts (well-done, by the way!), you’ll probably be left with quite a bit of junk. We’re here to help you get rid of it as efficiently as possible. To get a free quote on your junk removal, reach out to us.

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