You Gotta Do It Eventually: A Guide to Decluttering Your Garage

by | May 18, 2020 | Home Improvement

If you suspect that it may be time to start decluttering your garage, chances are that it is. Often, a massive decluttering project like this one can leave homeowners unsure of where to even begin (enter: procrastination). With the right strategy, organizational skills, and team, decluttering your garage can be a smooth, seamless process. Let’s get into some of our most useful tips for ensuring that your garage declutter is as easy and effective as possible.

Give Yourself the Time

No one wants to spend an entire weekend clearing out their garage, but it’s a necessary evil in order to make sure everything gets done. Find a block of time (preferably for back-to-back days) that you have available, and clear your schedule. If you start with the decluttering process, only to be interrupted for several days’ or a week’s worth of other obligations, it’ll be all the more likely that your decluttering project will end up being put off indefinitely (or that you’ll miss things in a rush to finish). Instead, accept that one of your weekends will be lost to this project – but know that the satisfaction of seeing the end product will make it all worth it.

Organize Categories

When you face your garage, you should do so with the mentality that every single item in it will have to fall into one of four categories: Keep, Sell, Donate, and Toss. Commit to making a decision on every item, and enlist the help of friends or family members who will hold you to it if you anticipate that you’ll have trouble deciding on certain items. By having these clear-cut categories, you’ll avoid falling into the trap of simply re-sorting your piles of stuff into new piles of stuff.

Say Goodbye to the Maybes

One of the most treacherous traps of any decluttering project is the idea of the “maybe.” You might use that random appliance someday. There could be a chance that that decoration comes back in style. That impulse-buy may prove really useful, after all. It’s important to anticipate that some items will tempt you with “maybe,” and it’s even more important not to fall victim to it. Put every “maybe” item through a surefire test: how many times have you used it in the last year? How about in the last month? Chances are, the answers to those questions will help you decide what to do.

Call for Reinforcements

Whether it takes a baked good or a simple IOU, garage decluttering is the perfect time to ask for the help of friends and family. Having a team there won’t just help you be held accountable for making decisions; it’ll make the process easier and much faster than it would be if you were tackling it alone. On top of that, tedious tasks are always better with some company.

Call in the Pros

So you’ve managed to organize all your junk, determining what to keep, sell, donate, and toss. You’ve got enough on your plate with the first three categories: call in a trusted professional to deal with the fourth. Professional junk removers allow you to finish off your decluttering project as quickly and seamlessly as possible, leaving you to get back to the things you want to do (which now includes admiring your beautifully organized garage).

Decluttering your garage can be the kind of activity that’s easy to put off indefinitely – but it’s one of the most satisfying things ever once it’s done. Stay organized and be decisive, and ask for help when you need it – especially when it comes to calling in professional junk removal services.

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