5 Things You Can Recycle at Home

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We like to think of recycling as the ultimate win-win situation for homeowners. It helps you to declutter without feeling like the items you once used and loved so much are going completely to waste, it keeps your spaces open for the items that you really do use, and it helps out the environment. Over the years, we’ve learned quite a bit about junk – and that includes being able to identify what actually isn’t junk at all. Most homeowners know the basics about recycling: aluminum cans, plastic water bottles, and grocery bags. That being said, it’s likely that your home is full of stuff that you can get rid of without throwing away, per se. If you’re wondering how to get rid of some junk and what you can recycle at home in a smart and sustainable way, keep on reading.

1. Power Cables

One look at your junk drawer will probably reveal quite a few power cables of gadgets past. This is one of those tricky, “I don’t use it now but it’ll probably come in handy in the future” items that we all have so much trouble getting rid of. The thing is: your electronics aren’t getting any older; the more time passes, the more obsolete their power cords become. Instead of cluttering your drawers and cabinets, find a platform that accepts recyclable computer and electronic components.You’ll guarantee your cords aren’t going to waste – or taking up unnecessary space.

2. Books

We know this one’s hard. It can be so difficult for readers to part with their books. That being said, old books are among the most space-consuming items you can have in your home. We’re not saying to immediately recycle a novel as soon as you finish it; of course, you should keep your favorites. That said, we recommend recycling ultra-worn copies or volumes you haven’t picked up in years. Either sell or donate books that are in pretty good shape or look into recycling the more beat-up ones. The earth (and your fellow readers) will be better off for it.

3. Pens

How many times have you scribbled away trying to revive a dried-up pen, only to chuck it into a garbage can (or back into a drawer) upon giving up? We’ve all done it, but a lesser-known fact among homeowners is that pens are completely recyclable. Pen producers like PaperMate are collecting used pens to make new ones. Rather than letting your old pens sit in a drawer, think about collecting and donating them every few months.

4. Junk Mail

Perhaps the most wasteful (and obsolete) item on this list, junk mail is no doubt found in landfills worldwide. Though we completely understand the urge to throw away the 8th “one-time only deal!” brochure you’ve gotten this month, consider recycling it instead. Like any other type of paper, junk mail is entirely recyclable and easy to do from home. Throw it into your personal recycling bin, or another organization’s, to reduce your trash output that much more.

5. Toothbrushes

This one may be surprising. After all, what is the value of old toothbrushes? The fact of the matter is, toothbrush producers like Colgate have toothbrush collection programs in place. These help to upcycle toothbrush handles into other useful items, minimizing plastic production and preventing these often-discarded items from clogging up landfills.
We know better than anyone that creating junk is inevitable – and we’re here for you when you need to get rid of yours. That being said, taking initiative and choosing to recycle at home is a fantastic way to accomplish two things: decluttering and lending a helping hand to the environment. Speaking of decluttering, if you think it’s time to get rid of some junk, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a free quote on removal services.

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