5 Easy Ways to Make Less Trash at Home

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Let’s be real: we know junk – which, if we mince our words, is a nicer word for trash. Since we’re in the business of disposing of trash, the Clear Out Junk Removal team has noticed over time that a lot of our junk is, for lack of a better word, preventable. It may seem intimidating to think about ways to make less trash at home; it sounds like a lot of research, time, and money. In reality, it’s actually easier than you’d think. Whether your objective is to reduce clutter, clear out your space, reduce your carbon footprint, or just take on a new challenge, there are tons of small, easy changes you can make in order to declutter and generally make less trash at home. To learn about 5 easy ways to make less trash at home and reduce your junk right away, keep on reading!

1. Get Rid of all Disposable Cups and Flatware

We get it: dishes can be a pain, and it’s so convenient to use a plastic cup, plate, or cutlery here and there. The thing is: these items aren’t just wasteful – they can take up tons of closet and cupboard space. Pare down your number of dishes to only what you absolutely need and make a habit out of regularly doing the dishes. Though it’s a small time investment, the cabinet space will make it worthwhile!

2. Say Goodbye to Paper Napkins

Paper is usually a single-use item, and things like used napkins and paper towels can’t be recycled (not to mention that they can quickly fill up your trash can, making taking out the trash a much more frequent chore than it has to be). Consider switching to cloth napkins. They’re not bulky, easy to store, and a major way to help you make less trash at home.

3. Clean out your Closet Regularly

Though many people go through their closets once every year or so, we recommend taking the time to do this seasonally. Closet space is always a useful thing to have, and you’d be surprised at all of the unnoticed junk that can pile up over the course of a year. By going through your closet seasonally, you’ll be regularly decluttering and making the most of your closet space.

4. Buy Things Built to Last

When your budget allows, consider spending more money up front on materials, appliances, and clothes that are high-quality and built to last. This way not only pay off in the long term, reducing the need for repairs or replacements, but it will also give you the financial benefit of not having to repurchase items you can’t go without.

5. Get a Water Filter

Plastic water bottles can be more of an inconvenience than anything else: they’re a recurring expense, they take up tons of room in your fridge or cupboard, and they’re pretty wasteful. Instead of relying on plastic water bottles, make a one-time investment in a water filter and reusable bottles. They’ll reduce both clutter and waste.
Making less trash at home doesn’t have to be a major project or a big time commitment; all it takes is making small changes that you can see paying off right away. With these six easy tips, we hope you’ll be able to enjoy more cabinet/closet space, less clutter, and knowing that you’re reducing your carbon footprint. To learn more about reducing trash or to get rid of some junk, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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